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CPP produces 3”-to-48” High Density Polyethylene Corrugated Plastic Pipes per ASTM and AASHTO highway culvert loading standards recognized by the Federal Highway NTPEP body. Applications include: Storm, Industrialand Agricultural waste water sewers.
Inflatable and Mechanical Pipe Plugs and Live Hot Tap Pipe Plug Insertion Systems for most sizes, chemicals and temperatures. The small deflated diameter of high pressure Multi-Flex Inflatable Plugs make installation and storage simple. CLICK ABOVE
Respirometer Systems and Applications Respirometer Systems and Applications
Our team members have over 80 years of combined experience with the design and operation of respirometer system and application of respirometry to assessment of wastewater treatability and diagnosing wastewater treatment problems.
Caldwell Tanks, Inc. Caldwell Tanks, Inc.
Caldwell Tanks brings real competition to the wire-wrapped prestressed concrete tank market, delivering complete design and construction at competitive prices. Our team has over 30 years combined experience in prestressed concrete tank design and construc
The "NEW" Airmaster Aerator “Turbo X-Treme Magnum” Water Cannon aerator 50 Hp,
is the most versatile and efficient aerator technologies available. The Water Cannon aerator is Airmaster’s ...
Brown Bear Composting Attachments & Self-Propelled Equipment
Brown Bear manufactures four sizes of self-propelled composting machines and multiple sizes of composting attachments ...
Komline-Sanderson's rotary atomizers are used in: 1.Coal fired power plants - flue gas desulfurization systems ...
Houston Polytank
Houston PolyTank is your knowledgeable and highly professional provider of environment-friendly and safe storage systems ...
Potable Water Systems  NE306, NE307, NE308, NE309
2 Stage Centrifugal Pumps •56 frame, NEMA J, capacitor start, double ball bearing motor for ...
Thread Seal Tape
AA Thread Seal Tape, Inc. strives to offer both quality products and superior service. Our ...
THIOKOL®Polysulfide Coatings and Sealants
NSF Approved Non-Sag Flexible Sealant • Commercial & Industrial Grade Sealants • Durable Flooring & ...
Pump Solutions
Discflo in the Municipal Water and Wastewater Industry Discflo Disc Pumps have been successfully employed ...
Sliding Frames
Schwing Bioset, Inc., the leader in storage, conveyance and pumping of municipal biosolids presents our ...
Rugged stainless steel skid designed for adding control and instrumentation options, progressive cavity metering pump, ...
Aero-Mod, Inc . . . wastewater process solutions
Aero-Mod, Inc. specializes in custom-designed wastewater treatment facilities. We offer products and engineered solutions for ...
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