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Komline-Sanderson: Your Dewatering and Drying Solution since 1946. The K-S Gravabelt® and Kompress® offer the best value and performance in thickening and dewatering. Our Biosolids Drying System is used worldwide to process sludge into a resource.
Due to the separation of aeration & mixing the entire basin is allowed to sequence through oxic, anoxic & anaerobic phases. These phases do not occur at the same time, but sequentially. Retrievable diffusers allow for ease of maintenance.
Jacobi Carbons, Inc. Jacobi Carbons, Inc.
Dedicated to these uses, Jacobi's AquaSorb range includes a wide variety of active carbons which can be used in the production of drinking water, industrial water, ultra-pure water or waste-water treatment.
AMACS Process Tower Internals AMACS Process Tower Internals
AMACS is a leading manufacturer of separation and phase contacting process internals. We serve a multitude of industries including oil and gas, refining, food and beverage and water treatment.
InfoSense's Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool
The Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool or SL-RAT is an award winning and patented diagnostic ...
Komline-Sanderson's rotary atomizers are used in: 1.Coal fired power plants - flue gas desulfurization systems ...
Interfit USA
Interfit USA is a full main wrap (360 o) Cured-In-Place (CIP) lateral connection seal installed ...
pH-Fix test strips
The dye is fixed to the test strip and can not bleed into the sample. ...
Founded in Cleveland, Ohio, USA in 1980, OR-TEC is a premier manufacturer of sludge dewatering ...
ERA's QC and PT standards provide you the easiest way to verify and demonstrate the ...
Thermo Scientific Orion AquaMate Spectrophotometers
Thermo Scientific Orion AquaMate Spectrophotometers are designed for use in water and wastewater analysis laboratories, ...
Grande Water Management Systems
Products - Overflow Screening These systems are designed to remove debris from storm water overflow ...
The Lakeside RAPTOR ® Septage Acceptance Plant
Lakeside’s ® Septage Acceptance Plant (SAP) is a self-contained, fully automated unit designed to remove ...
EZstrip Transfer Pump
The EZstrip™ Transfer Pump provides a quick and easy way to disassemble, de-rag, and maintain ...
BioReactor and Mega BioReactor technologies
AmphiBio Technologies is a socially responsible company whose mission is to improve the quality of ...
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