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Due to the separation of aeration & mixing the entire basin is allowed to sequence through oxic, anoxic & anaerobic phases. These phases do not occur at the same time, but sequentially. Retrievable diffusers allow for ease of maintenance.
priced precision instrumentation for measuring, transmitting and controlling pressure, temperature, level and flow. Dwyer is committed to a standard of customer service with competitive prices and knowledgeable, courteous technical support.
Senninger Irrigation Inc

Senninger Irrigation Inc

Phone 407-877-5655
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Contact: Diann Ilkenhons
Marketing Manager
16220 E Highway 50
Clermont, FL 34711 United States of America
Since 1963, Senninger Irrigation has earned a reputation based on a commitment to quality and innovation. Senninger continues to meet the special needs of distinctly different industries by manufacturing products specifically suited to their success. Although Senninger began manufacturing thermoplastic sprinklers for agricultural irrigation, over the years the product line expanded to include a special line of products specifically suited for land application of effluent solutions. All Senninger effluent products are constructed using engineering-grade thermoplastic resins which are specially formulated and selected for resistance to corrosion, abrasion, ultraviolet degradation, and the rugged conditions specific to these installations. Land effluent applications are areas planted with grass or trees. The wastewater stored in lagoons or ponds is applied through irrigation and absorbed by the roots, partially evaporated, and filtered through the soil. The purification of the applied wastewater takes place naturally in the living soil, as well as through the roots of plants. If you have any questions or comments, please contact your supplier or the Senninger corporate headquarters. Models: Wobbler Xcel-Wobbler Impact Sprinklers Super Spray Pressure Regulators Flow Meters WinSIPP2

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Real solutions for many irrigation needs

Real solutions for many irrigation needs

In a world of limited natural resources, it is imperative to find new highly efficient technologies. Since the oil embargo in the 1970’s, Senninger has led the industry with the development of low pressure irrigation products that reduce the amount of energy required to convey the water to the crop, apply the water in a manner suited to the specific soil and crop needs, and decrease the total amount of water needed. Today, more than ever, growers are in need of low pressure – high performance irrigation products that can deliver precise benefits while conserving water and energy.

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