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The City of Grand Rapids WWTP reduced aeration costs by 15% and received a $58,728 rebate check from the local energy utility after installing a Real-Time Control System for Nitrification. Download the application article to learn how they did it.
CPP produces 3”-to-48” High Density Polyethylene Corrugated Plastic Pipes per ASTM and AASHTO highway culvert loading standards recognized by the Federal Highway NTPEP body. Applications include: Storm, Industrial and Agricultural waste water sewers.
Anthrafilter (U.S.) Inc

Anthrafilter (U.S.) Inc

TollFree 800-998-8555
Phone 716-285-5680
Fax 716-285-5681
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Contact: David Loney
4992 Sweet Home Road
Niagara Falls, NY 14305 United States of America
Filter Media- Anthrafilter - Suppliers of premium quality filter media since 1976 in Canada and the United States. Anthracite filter media, filter sands & gravels, garnet, ilmenite, activated carbon, & manganese green sand. Our filter media meets or exceeds AWWA specifications. Packaging & transportation variations to suit your requirements. Anthrafilter will remove & install filter media at your plant. Quality, efficiency, & customer satisfaction.
USA (800) 998-8555, (716) 285-5680, FAX (716) 285-5681; Canada (519) 751-1080, FAX (519) 751-0617.

Filter Media to all levels of Government, Industrial, and Commercial plants and installations. Filter Media that meets or exceeds the AWWA B100-89 specifications. Filter Media from one source - suplliers of Anthracite Filter Media - Filter Sands and Gravels - Garnet - IImenite - Activated Carbon. Filter Media removal, disposal, supply and installation. Filter Media to your specifications and guaranteed. Specialized packaging for domestic or export shipments. Bag or bulk shipments. The most efficient and economical methods of shipping and transportation to reduce labour and handling costs. Pallets with all our shipments. Quality, satisfaction, reliability. Competitive, fair prices. Samples upon request. Additional specific information upon request.
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