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Thermal Process Systems LLC

Thermal Process Systems LLC

Phone 219-663-1034
Fax 219-663-7248
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Contact: Richard Pressley
627 East 110th Avenue
Crown Point, IN 46307 United States of America
Thermal Process Systems engineers and supples the ThermAer Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD) process for total solids reduction of approximately 50% and the production of "Class A" biosolids. The solids reduction is accomplished with minimal odors and the solids are easily dewatered utilizing conventional equipment and chemicals. If available, existing tankage can be utilized for the process.

Thermal Process Systems was founded by experienced wastewater treatment professionals who understand first hand the complex issues of bio-solids processing and re-use. Frustrated by the compromises that were necessary with existing systems -- and the inability of these processes to meet industry demand -- they formed their own company focused exclusively on bio-solids management. Their first challenge: to develop a more reliable, more efficient process for the production of high quality bio solids. The result is the proprietary ThermAer process. ThermAer has been subjected to rigorous field-testing in full-scale operating systems, and pilot testing at various sites since 1995. It has exceeded every customer expectation. In addition to the proprietary ThermAer process, Thermal Process Systems has also established relationships with the most respected equipment manufacturers in the industry today. It is an unmatched combination, offering you complete systems integration, from retrofit to ground up installation and control.
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